Three Ways to Plan for Your Next Painting Project

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You have realized that a room in your home needs painting. Maybe you paint a room each year or perhaps you get the whole house painted at once. Either way, knowing where to start can be daunting. We have some simple tips to get yourself ready, select a color, and get your home ready to work with the professional painter of your choice.

First: Inventory your stuff. Let's say you're having the Living Room painted. If you're working with an Interior Designer to select your colors for the sofa, rug, accessories and walls, then you know your color palette. If you're keeping some of your stuff, take a look around. What's the dominant color in your furniture and floor covering? You don't want to use that color on your walls--it'll appear tonally dull and flat. Your goal is to have some contrast.

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So now, look for accent colors. This will be the pattern color in the rug, the accent pillows on the sofa (which you can always swap for new ones), the colors in your wall art & picture frame. Now is when you decide whether you will want to keep any pieces of art glass, decorative book ends, those pillows, and other items in the room after it's painted. Are there items currently living in other rooms of your home that could bring their color into a new space, if it was painted a harmonious color?

The accent color is a perfect choice for your walls--just make sure it's light in tone--even lighter than you think is needed. When a color spreads across a whole room, it has more of an impact than it does in small doses.

If this is all too much to decide, just look for a color consultant. There are professionals who find the selection of color so easy--it truly takes the guesswork out of it. (Link: Understanding the Importance of Warm & Cool Colors )

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Second: Select a Professional Painter. Painting is one of those things--most able-bodied people can paint a wall, but few people have the patience, time and technique to get the fine details right. Most of us want the ceiling painted a lighter color, the trim painted a different finish, and if you have a coffered ceiling or a great room--that's a lot of work! Most of us need to tape off each different item, which is in itself a long process, and even then there is likely to be some bleed over due to too much paint, the wrong brush, or uneven surfaces. If there are nail holes in the wall, cracks from weather changes, or other surface issues, you need to spackle, sand and prime those before painting--otherwise they'll be glaringly obvious.

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A seasoned professional ensures that all those issues are not your problem--and that your end result looks great for many years to come. Amazingly, expert house painters don't even need painter's tape! And they'll get your project completed so quickly, you'll only have a short time to be without your soon-to-be new favorite space.

Third: Prepare the Room. Whatever you can remove from the space should be taken to another place in your home. If you're having the whole interior painted, you can use the garage for larger items, and consider a driveway storage pod or off-site storage if needed. The basic requirement is to remove any furniture you can. If that big sofa just won't fit through the door, you can push it to the middle of the room and cover it with tarps. But it's faster and easier for the room to be painted if it's as empty as possible.

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Of course, anything fragile should be stored safely. Art and photos should be removed from the walls--you don't want to risk damage to your precious memories. If the rug can be rolled up and moved, that's ideal. Any wood floor or carpet will be completely covered and protected from paint splatter. Most professionals will tape plastic sheeting in the doorways to the room if you are currently living in the home while it's being painted. This will keep any sanding dust out of your other rooms, and will exclude children and pets from the space.

They always say that paint is the least expensive, most impactful way to change the look of your home. A well-chosen paint color can truly transform a room from a dull caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. Enjoy your next painting project! And welcome to your exciting new look!

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